5 Tips For a Perfect Winter Look!

5 Tips For a Perfect Winter Look!

The morning chills and early sunsets are screaming ‘ winter is here!’. The season of hot chocolate, warm blankets, and unfortunately dry skin. So if you are looking to enjoy the blessings of winter and maintain a perfect skin and makeup look, here are 5 Tips For a Perfect Winter Look!

1- Switch up your cleanser

Surprisingly, summer heat may keep your skin hydrated but winter doesn’t have the same effect!  As it gets colder your skin may dry out and start looking flaky! That calls for a change in your routine! Switch up your gel and foam cleanser with a more moisturizing cream or an oil-based cleanser. This will lead to a perfect application of foundation.

2-Fight the dry lips!

Lips don’t have oil glands which makes them more prone to drying out and getting cracked. To avoid this you need to welcome lip exfoliators and lip balms to your routine! Exfoliate your lips and apply a lip balm thoroughly before bed. This will give you the perfect lipstick look in the morning and you will be able to rock the winter red lips!


Cold weather doesn’t mean that we’re safe from sun rays! Your skin will get affected by sun rays all year long, therefore, don’t hesitate to use a sunscreen before going out. Less spots in your skin means a less need for concealer!

4- Adjust your foundation

The sun-kissed bronzed skin of the summer is most probably going to fade during winter. This will leave you with a lighter skin tone and an unmatched foundation. Remember to opt for a lighter foundation shade that suits your new skin tone.

5- Waterproof your lashes

Cold weather and wind might leave your eyes watering. You will end up with smudged eyes and a bad makeup day! Hence don’t forget to switch up for a waterproof mascara to save the look!

Enjoy the romantic weather to the max but don’t forget that your skin is your best friend.

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