Color The Mood Of Your Event!

Color The Mood Of Your Event!

One of the first things you prepare for an event is the decor. Choosing the right decorations for your event is not as easy as it seems. Aside from the items, you will use to decorate, such as balloons and centerpieces, it’s very important to Color The Mood Of Your Event!

Colors are a factor that can express emotions and affect the mood in your event. Just because you may like the color green this doesn’t mean that green should be the color of your decorations. Therefore, let’s explore the effect of decorations on the overall mood.

Think of the occasion you have, is it an engagement? A birthday? A graduation? Or maybe a wedding? Now think of the feelings these occasions give you, romance? Excitement? The feeling of peace ? or calmness?

If you have the answers to these questions you can now start choosing your color pattern! If the occasion you have gives you romantic feelings such as an engagement, wedding, anniversary or even a proposal surprise! Then you would want colors to set the overall romantic mood. Your best choice would be warm colors such as red, pink, orange and yellow. These colors are energetic, exciting, cheerful and give warm feelings of love and comfort which will give the perfect mood to the occasion!

What if you have a newborn or a birthday? How does that make you feel? Peace? Love? Calmness? Or maybe hope? The best way to translate these emotions is by choosing colors such as white, blue, pink and green.
These colors create a calming mood where people feel at peace. They also give the feeling of health, life, and productivity. On the other hand, adding the color pink will represent love and care.

Now that you know how colors affect the mood at your events you can use color combinations to express all of the different feelings you have at once!

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