Personalize Your Fashion

Today all of our fashion wear is made by machines in big factories therefore you don’t get the chance to personalize your fashion. But that wasn’t always the case, in the past clothes used to be handmade. People would go to tailors to make their clothes according to their own measurements.

But handmade clothes have always had higher prices than those made by machines. Let’s find out the reasons!

The piece you own is designed specially for you! You don’t have to fit into sizes that factories made. In addition, you get to choose the material, the print and the design. This made clothes unique and personalized.

You are able to create a one of a kind piece that only you have.

On the other hand today’s machine-made fashion is easy to make, you may think that this is an advantage of technology but the truth is it’s  repetitive and everyone wears the same designs from the same shops.

Therefore today’s fashion designers who create handmade designs that are suitable for everyday fashion or even haute couture dresses give us a chance to appear in a one of a kind look that represents our  unique taste and personality.

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