• Set El-biet For 270 EGP per person 
  • Goat Stuffed With Vine Leaves Served With Vermicelli With Nuts.
    Or Shank Beef Served With Vermicelli With Nuts.
  • Chafing Dish Of Trebianco Beef Served With Mashed Potatoes With Butter.
  • Chafing Dish Of Roasted Turkey Breast Or Charcoal Grilled Kofta.
  • Chafing Dish Of Charcoal Shish Grilled Chicken.
  • Chafing Dish Of Mahshi Mix.
  • Chafing Dish Of Lasagna.
  • Chafing Dish Of Minced Potatoes In The Oven.
  • Kibbeh, Sambousek, Spring Rolls.
  • Four Bowls Of Salads From Your Choice.
  • Pastries Basket.

Open Buffet 4 By Set elbiet

From: 270.00EGP

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