• Open Buffet 1 By Chef Essam For 190 Per Person. 
  • Appetizers section Variety of salads: Tahini – Baba Ghanoush – Yogurt with Cucumber – Coleslaw – Fresh Salad – Maggi Potato-  Picked tomato. – Chafing dish Sambousek Cheese & Meat – Chafing dish Vine Leaves.
  • Main Section Chafing Dish Of Yellow Rice – Chafing Dish Of Mixed Mahshy • Chafing Dish Of Pasta with Bechamel – Chafing Dish Kebab Halla  Chafing Dish Grilled Kofta • Chafing Dish Shish with Bone Chafing Dish immense Chicken – Turkey with Basmati Rice and Mixed Nuts.
  • Sweet section Um Ali – Oriental sweets – Soiree sweets –  Crème caramel – Fruit Salad.
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Open Buffet 2 By Chef Essam

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