• Grand Ocean Hotel & Resort Package B For 1100 EGP Per Person. 
  • Location: Ain Sokhna.
  • Capacity Start From 100 Pax.
  • Package C Includes:
    Tea & Coffee, Mineral Water and Soft Drinks
    1 Room Day use
    1 Executive suite 2 nights
    Wedding Cake 5 Layers “3 Real + 2 Fake”
  • Assortment Of Canapés Served On The Table:
    Pesto Shrimps on Italian Bread, Air Dried Beef with Melon, Smoked Turkey on
    Apricot Brioche
    Smoked Salmon
  • Arabic Mezzeh Served On The Table:
    Tabouleh, Baba Ghanoug, Hummus, Homemade Mixed Picklesm Labneh,
    Fatoush, Fried Eggplants
    Meat and Cheese Samboussek
  • Salad Bar:
    Tuna Salad Nicoise Style, German Potato Salad, Calamari & Vegetable, Tomato
    Salad with Pesto, Mushroom & Parsley Vinaigrette, Thai Beef Salad, Cucumber &
    Dill, Ratatouille, Selected Lettuce Bowl, Greek Salad,
    Caesar Salad Station
  • Cold Appetizers:
    Poached Egg with Onion Marmalade
    Chicken Liver Parfait
    Smoked Turkey Breast with Orange May Sauce
    Galantine of Chicken
    Cold Roast Beef Cold Salad
    Chicken Pineapple salad
  • Wide Variety Of Dressing:
    French, Thousand Island, Blue Cheese, Mayonnaise, Olive Oil, Basil Oil, Balsamic
    Vinegar, Sweet Chili.
  • Cheese Board:
    English Cheddar, Herbed Gouda, Goats’ Cheese, Roquefort, Selection of Crackers &
  • From Our In-house Bakery:
    Oriental and Western Bread with Butter and Margarine
  • Hot Buffet:
  • Italian Corner:
    Veal Piccata with Lemon & Parsley Sauce
    Grilled Vegetable
  • Asian Corner:
    Chicken Curry Thai Style
    Chinese Fried Rice
  • Arabic Corner:
    Selection of warm Mixed Dolma
    Samak Sayadiah
  • International Corner:
    Beef Stew with Onion Gravy Sauce
    Crunchy Garlic Potatoes
  • Pasta Station & Garnish:
    Penne, Fettucine, Spaghetti, Farfalle Alfredo, Arrabbiata, Pesto and Tomato Sauces
    Beef Sausage, Grilled Chicken, Olives, Mushrooms, Capsicum, Tomatoes, Onions,
  • Carving Station
    Whole Turkey with Condiments
  • Dessert Buffet:
    Chocolate Daquoise Pistachio Daquoise
    Lingo Cake, Magic Noir
    Apricot Flan, Fleur de Ban
    Chocolate Sesame Tart, Trio Choco Mousse.
    Tiramisu, Chocolate Crunchy
    Mango Passion
    Chocolate Eclairs
    Mille Feuille, Fruit Tartlet
    Opera, Black Forest
    Crème Brule, Strawberry Jelly, Mango Mousse, Rice Pudding, Chocolate Mousse,
    Strawberry Mousse
    Selection of Fresh Seasonal Fruits
  • Oriental Sweets Corner:
    Konafa Almond, Basbousa, Konafa Borma, Eish El Saraya, Ladeda, Pistachio
    Sawabea Zeinab, Chocolate Basema, Fruit Konafa, Konafa Naboulsia, Um Ali.
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Grand Ocean Hotel & Resort Package C

From: 110,000.00EGP

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