These Terms & Conditions describe the terms and conditions applicable to your use of the services of Eventy (hereunder referred to as “Eventy” or “We”), available at, as well as any other websites owned and/or operated by Eventy (collectively, hereunder referred to as the “Site”). By using the Site, you signify your acceptance of these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not use this Site. We reserve the right to amend these Terms from time to time without notice. All modified terms and conditions shall take effect immediately after posting to the Site. We encourage you to review this page periodically because any changes will be binding to you. This Agreement may not be modified, amended, and/or changed by you in any manner. is a marketplace for Event Vendors is a marketplace for event vendors, those who provide event-related services and products for online purchasing and booking. By using this website, you acknowledge the following: Eventy does not provide any of the products or services advertised or offered by the Vendors.

These terms and conditions shall apply to vendors and customers and shall determine the means of interaction between the website, the vendors and customers. Also, they shall determine the means of usage for the website.

Minors or persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to sign up to the website as vendors. You agree that we may communicate with you by e-mail, phone calls or SMS.


By signing up and using this website, you acknowledge that does not provide any of the products or services advertised or offered by its Vendors. By being a customer, you commit to paying the price your orders and bookings in addition to any handling fees or delivery fees.

Customers commit to the complete responsibility of actions taken by their accounts, be it bookings, orders or any comments or actions taken by the account. Customers shall provide true, accurate and updated information on their accounts. This information includes payment details, address, name, phone number or any other required information.

Eventy chooses well-reputable vendors based on predetermined criteria to make sure that services and/or products are of good quality. In case a service or product are not delivered after a confirmed payment, we shall use all of the available resources to provide an alternative service or product.

In case we used our available resources and we could not provide the service or product booked, we guarantee the refund of the paid amount. We also guarantee to take an action towards the vendor that has caused the inconvenience.


The products and services offered on the website are provided by third parties (hereunder referred to as ‘Vendors’).  The vendors who sign-up on the website agree to offer their products and services on the website for purchase or booking while the website has the right to design, develop, and maintain the website in addition to running marketing campaigns promoting users to use the website.

Vendors are responsible for choosing the products and services to be posted on the website, setting their price and uploading them on the website. In addition, they are responsible for making the products available for customers. If vendors needed support from the website in uploading or editing products that would be in return of a payment of 100L.E with a maximum of 10 products per month.

If vendors received an order or a booking through their account on the website they shall commit to delivering the product or service. Vendors are responsible for stating the times and dates in which their products or services shall be delivered. The website is contracted with a partner courier company (R2S) to deliver products except for edible products such as cakes. The courier company shall proceed with cash collection on behalf of Eventy.

Vendors shall not upload any products or services that violate any laws or regulations (Collectively hereunder referred to as “Laws”). Vendors shall proceed with and complete any authorizing legal papers or permissions to offer their services if needed. And if vendors performed any illegal action or offered on the website a product or service that violates any legal laws or country regulations, the vendor only shall take complete responsibility and shall be held liable in any legal questioning.

Vendors shall not discuss any religious, sexual or political matters on the website or any online or offline platform be it written, seen or in audio form that belongs to Eventy. In addition, vendors shall not sell any religious books or sexual products such as sleepwear or products related to politics such as political campaign brochures.

Vendors commit to paying a commission of 15% – fifteen per cent only – of the sales they got through the website in return of using the website as a platform to offer their products or services. Vendors also acknowledge the fact that Eventy will collect the money from customers on behalf of them. The website commits to return the collected money minus the commission after the delivery of products or the completion of services. The money is returned on a monthly basis with a maximum date of the 5th or each month.  

The website has the right to advertise for itself, the products, the services or the vendors using any forms of media be it written, spoken, seen or in audio form.

Vendors do not have the right to claim the idea, programming or design of the website for themselves. All intellectual property for any content written and published on the website is reserved for the website only.

After signing up to the website, vendors don’t have the right to execute the idea of the website by themselves or by the help of any other parties to reserve intellectual property. Otherwise, Eventy will be taking legal actions against

The website shall not interfere with determining the prices of products or services being offered on it, however, vendors shall provide the same prices they sell with in any other mean outside of the website or with a discounted price.

Vendors shall not ask the customer to conduct payments through a mean that isn’t supported by the website.

Vendors commit to provide honest and accurate information about their products or services, these information include materials, colours, sizes and the like.

Eventy has the right to remove any vendors, products or services that do not meet any of the terms and conditions mentioned here. Also, Eventy has the right to remove any irrelevant products or services from appearing on the website. Eventy also has the right to protect users in any way we see appropriate within our ability to execute.

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