As the temperature goes down, the need for creativity goes up!
To complete your outfit and achieve your wanted warmth, you need to be a little more creative regarding your selections. And whatever your combination will be, it must keep you warm, and that is The Art of Layering.

Keep it simple, keep it Monochrome!

The art of layers relies upon simplicity, the more simple you go with your shades, the more creative and practical it will be.
But the key to adding depth and dimension to the clothes is to use different textures and fabrics like Silk, Leather and of course, our savior in that kind of weather, Wool!
Hey, bsssstttt! here’re some of the colors that perfectly complement each other, Burgundy and Green, Navy and Mustard, Black and Tan.

Bulky items can be one and only one!

We know, we know! the one digit degree is killing your limps and, you can’t go out without covering yourself with all of what you have in your closet. Unfortunately, that can’t be with the bulky items because you only are allowed to use one piece of them.

A full-time color and a part-time superhero!

The white color fits it all, whether the occasion, the season, the style! it goes with every single other piece of cloth, and that applies to the Art of layers too! So once you find yourself in doubt, don’t hesitate to call your superhero.

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