What Eyeshadow Color Should You Use ?

What Eyeshadow Color Should You Use ?

Deep, charming and fascinating eyes are more than enough to make your look stand out! We will help you achieve this look and allow your eyes to pop by guiding you through the color combinations that suit your eye color!

Let’s start with the gorgeous blue eyes! To avoid having a harsh contrast on your eyes you should definitely skip the black eyeliner step! And enrich your eye colors with a softer and more flattering color combination such as Gold, Bronze and maybe a warm orange. This will allow you to show off the natural color of your eyes and create a soft makeup look.

Another eye color that should avoid harsh black lines is green! Green eyes are always fun because you can play around with girly pinks and purples to achieve a playful and fun look! These shades will accentuate your natural eye color and allow you to brag them around!

Now let’s talk about Hazel eyes! This stunning color looks just perfect in sun rays. Having Hazel eyes means that you can play around with a wide range on rich browns, gold, bronze and even green. Use light browns for a daily look and you can always rock an evening look with adding a hint of gold to your eyeshadow!

At last, we can’t forget about the deepest eye color of them all! The dark brown eyes! This eye color will allow you to achieve a countless number of looks. From blue and navy eyeshadow to brown and gold , you name it! You can also transform your look with a black eyeliner and enjoy the charm.

Your eyes are the mirrors of your soul and heart, therefore, always remember to choose a look that reflects your personality and allows your eyes to pop out just right!

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