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 Who is Eventy?

Let us help you reach your dream!

Eventy is a digital marketing agency. We provide marketing solutions as well as a website to facilitate booking event vendors and buying products related to events.

We came up with the idea of this website to gather vendors who provide event-related products and services. The vendors include fashion designers, make up artists, caterers, photographers, and many more all in one place.

Today you can put behind your back the idea of going back and forth to plan your event. The website offers customers a channel to check the products and order them online. Now you can reserve your favourite makeup artist, photographer and shop for your outfit all in one place!

Searching through an e-commerce platform is much easier than surfing through social media channels. This gives you the opportunity to offer your products or services in a place that customers can easily access. Even when you are a well-known vendor, you can offer your customers a new and easy channel to check your products.

Our talented team can also help you grow your business. At Eventy we understand the importance of establishing an identity and a visual image. Therefore, we provide you with various services from graphic designs, video editing and motion graphics, up to establishing your own website.

We also know that today’s customers are hard to reach. Customers now demand a chance to communicate with a business, ask questions and get satisfying answers. Hence we can manage your social media accounts such as Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and your Youtube channel.

We can run your marketing campaigns, social media Ads, and create attractive posts. This makes sure your business is attracting customers and providing fun and updated content.

And because we understand the struggle of choosing the suitable software for your business and running your apps, we offer software and digital consultations to help you run your business with the best practices.

Eventy integrates showcasing your products, growing your business and reaching your target customers with the help of a specialized and creative team.

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  1. The website is user friendly and has a variety of choices. It made it so easy for me to find what i am looking for. I definitely recommend it <3

    November 15, 2018 Reply

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